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January 31, 2010

005 Lip Gloss

rain coat / pastel flats / bow headband ❤

Shape: mine!
Skin: unknown
Hair: Magika FreeColorDemoHair – 0L (fatpack! not demo)
Jacket: Kuri Style Raincoat – 0L
Jeans: unknown
Shoes: Chuculet Classic Flats Pastel Green – 0L
Headband: Baby Monkey Alice Band (polka aqua) – 0L (fatpack!)

January 31, 2010

004 Two Left Feet

bow necklace / flapper dress / dancing fool ❤

Shape: mine!
Skin: unknown
Hair: ++AY.Line++ Minibara – 0L (group gift)
Dress: IZUMIYA Long Cami Black – 0L
Shoes: Nardcotix Rebekah Pumps Liquorice – 0L (SAH hunt)
Necklace: *ICED* Christmas Bow Necklace – 0L (2009 Christmas Hunt)
Ring: IZUMIYA Ribbon Ring black – 0L
Nails: RiSa’s* Vivid boy green – 0L (lucky dip)

January 25, 2010

003 Dusk Til Dawn

silver pants / silver heels / oversized sweater ❤

Shape: mine!
Skin: FabFree Pink Dreams – 0L
Hair: unknown
Sweater: ibizarre Long Wool Jumper – 0L?
Pants: INDI – 0L (past limited freebie)
Shoes: unknown
Earrings: [chuculet] 1L

January 25, 2010

002 Im Not Your Toy

plaid jacket / geeky glasses / straw in mouth ❤

Outfit: Janary 16, 2010 – 002 I’m Not Your Toy
Shape: mine!
Skin: not sure
Hair: Truth – berri (mocha) – 0L
Shirt: danglepuff tunic (tangerine) – 0L
Jacket: *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* Grunge jacket – 0L
Tights: ..::Edge Designs::.. city chic leggings (grey) – 0L
Boots: Jetcity Grey Knit Boots – 1L
Glasses: [chuculet] – 0L
Straw: Ducknipple – 0L
Flower: no idea, sorry

[a personal fave]

January 25, 2010

001 DJ Hero

knit boots / yellow hat / shorts & tights ❤

Outfit: January 15, 2010 – 001 DJ Hero
Shape: mine!
Skin: FabFree Half Million Skin (freckles) – 0L
Hair: IZUMIYA – 0L
Sweater: Oyakin Mohair Knit Sweater – 0L
Shorts: PeppermintBlue 0L
Tights: Twosome Dot Tights – 0L (fatpack!)
Boots: Jetcity Grey Knit Boots – 1L
Glasses: YV – 0L
Headphones: not sure – 0L
Ring: IZUMIYA – 0L

my first outfit on my new avi! a bit of history on me: i first started playing sl in 2006 or 7 (as katelyn dweebie haha noob!) when i was in art college and we were supposed to be designing things for projects but instead i discovered sl and it consumed my life. then my boyfriend dumped me and i realized i was a loser who spent all my time single and on sl. but now im not single, and i’m happily with someone i can’t imagine not being with. he’s a big gamer and i get tired of watching movie after movie on netflix every night while he plays games, so i’ve picked sl up again. now im putting a purpose to it and im going to make outfits and eventually hope to make my own clothes and things and sell them. yay the adventure begins!