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March 23, 2010


eeeh im sick so i’ll make empty promises to update this when i feel better

Crocheted Vest – Peppermint Blue 0L

March 14, 2010

027 Cellphone’s Dead

ripped jeans / hooded vest / black beanie ❤

Skin: Curio Petal Light Breeze Cerulean 2 – 0L (demo)
Hair: Magika Criminal Brown A – 0L (fatpack! includes hat)
Eyes: lessthanthree Violet Awesome Eyes – 0L
Hooded Vest: *MIU* Fleece Tops – 0L
Under Shirt: Nylon Outfitters Skullshirt – 1L (nubie store)
Jeans: Lessthanthree Workin’ in ’em Jeans – 0L
Boots: jetcity Knit Boots (grey) – 1L
Bracelets: A:S:S Plastic Bracelets 07 – 0L
Ring: izuma Black Ribbon ring -0L
Cigarette: F*S Schmoking Cigarette (hand) – 0L

[a personal fave]

March 13, 2010

La Roux

reading a magazine on the couch, watching music videos

playing: bulletproof by la roux

March 13, 2010

On Laptop

lazy day spent in bed on laptop

March 13, 2010

Sparrow & Clem

A shot of my friend Sparrow & I modeling by my deck pool

March 13, 2010

026 Kiss N Tell

fringe boots / pink dress / french tattoo ❤

chest tattoo says “je suis une fille” which is i something in french

uugh i think im gonna have to buy this skin, i am in LOVE with it

Dress – Kenzie&Co 0L
Berry Fringe Boots – Duh! 0L
Chibi Wings Tattoo – Pink Fuel 1L or 5L random vendor (i cant remember how much)

[a personal fave]

March 13, 2010

024 Switchblade Kitty

houndstooth coat / red purse / strappy heels ❤

March 13, 2010

023 L.A. Noir

bubble dress / pearl necklace / plaid tstraps ❤

Skin: rockberry megan a natural fr- 0L (old hunt gift)
Eyelashes: Croquette fluttery lashes, natural – 0L
Hair: [kik] lily (red band) – 0L
Dress: beetlebones lil back dress- 0L
Necklace: unknown
Nails: love soul ring – 0L
Ring: love soul rim nails – 0L
Shoes: nardcotix shoka – 0L

March 13, 2010

022 Cat Power

not a fan of ears & tails but this cheshire cat outfit is ah-dorable!

Shape: mine
Skin: panda lara purple – 0L
Eyes: SL fantasy blue – in sl inventory
Hair: Magika Charcoal – 0L
Dress: Nostras Cheshire – 0L (hunt gift, includes ears & tail)
Shoes: nardcotix rebekah pumps – 0L
Blush: Curio Purple Side Blush – 0L

March 13, 2010

021 Eyes Like the Ocean

boat neck / skinny jeans / slippers ❤