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August 23, 2010

081 Strawberry Icecream

suspenders / icecream cones / grunge boots ❤

i love love love this outfit! ❤ this is totally my second life personality. going out, i would love to sport this look, but my rl look is my fat pants (my version of the skinny jeans) tucked in thigh high boots with a tunic / tank top, lots of necklaces and sometimes a cute headband. this is a grungy version of that i guess.

that tunic! gosh it’s adorable! happy finds is amazing. and i finally found the loose boots i’ve been wanting to pair with cute summer dresses! irl i used to pair cowboy boots with everything and these are my new cowboy boots. they’ve even been worn to shreads already! just the way i like ’em. time to eat a bowl of granola and milk and watch some netflix

Shape: mine
Skin: :GP: Petal Light Cupid Pure 3 – not free
Hair: :HCT: Adam P5 (Wendy) – 0L (boy hair haha, comes with girl lengths too!)
Eyes: not sure
Shirt: ::Happy Finds:: Tanktop Dress Icecream – 75L (project themory, inc jacket & necklace)
Jacket: ::Happy Finds:: Black Leather Jacket – 75L (project themory, inc shirt & necklace)
Pants: .:*W.:* jeans bite me! – 1L (with prim suspenders!)
Shoes: [hoorenbeek] Military Boots Loose Women’s – 0L (ZombiePopcorn Hunt ’10)
Glasses: ::SPLIT PEA:: BIG Pink Sunglasses – 1L (at starlust)
Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Silver Rose Long Pearl Necklace – 75L (project themory, inc jacket & Shirt)
Bracelets: Lose Wood Bangles – 0L

August 21, 2010

080 Botanical Garden

floral dress / ribbon scarf / amazing bag ❤

i love the flowers on this dress! the bag and heels make me think business-woman but the loose hair and headband tone it down. i love the bags i’ve seen lately. they have so many details and are so realistic! this is a darker skintone for me but i liked the smokey eyes. sooo many hunts going on! almost every store i go to has another hunt going on and i leave with more than one gift! sl is so much more fun when you have things to do and friends to hunt with 🙂

Shape: mine
Skin: AtomicBambi Apple Sunblush Ocean – 0L (Good Shit Hunt)
Hair: [ploom] BoHo (Sienna) – 75L (project themory)
Eyes: mine
Dress: Wetherby’s #362 ‘High’ Dress – 0L (daily freebie)
Shoes: !!KKBB!! Lt. Pink Heels – 1L
Bag: Indyra Originals: The Ireben Carry (White) – 10L (platinum hunt)
Headband: Decollage Headscarf – 0L (fatpack – tinted)

August 20, 2010

Kyoot Look-a-Like

i’m such a creeper! i was at kyoot checking out the lucky boards and Fifty Linden Friday deals and saw this girl and i was reminded of my own outfit 063 Play Date!

i know only the socks are the same haha but still…the yellow flats and patterned dress was similar kind of…i like the chuculet bracelet she has on. it would have matched my outfit too

that’s me in the background being creepy 😀

my outfit: 079 Belly Dancer

August 20, 2010

079 Belly Dancer

bohemian outfit / coin earrings / henna tattoos ❤

i broke down and bought a curio skin :/ so expensive since i don’t sell anything to make the money for it! totally worth it though. these are my favorite skins of all time (okay since sometime in 2009) besides some of the vive9 skins ❤

Shape: mine
Skin: :GP: Petal [Light] Cupid Pure 4 – not free
Hair: Clawtooth: Mrs.Mittens – 0L (group gift)
Eyes: mine
Top: boho Aya love bandeau – not sure
Skirt: boho Aya love skirt – not sure
Shoes: IZUMIYA PB Sep.Sandal – 0L?
Earrings: (census) Ancient brothel – 0L (car wash freebie)
Tattoo: {nestle my bosom} henna tattoo – 0L? (rumor gift)

August 20, 2010

Shopaholics Anonymous

this is me every day forever and ever

taken here: shopaholics anonymous @ Malt

outfit here: 077 Green Tea

August 14, 2010

078 Platinum Blonde Life

platinum hunt / strappy heels / studded jacket ❤

an outfit from some of the items i picked up from the platinum hunt. she’s got a pretty rocker glam look that i like, feminine but a little rough with the studded jacket and those heels. coincidently vogue by madonna just started playing on my itunes, and it fits her perfectly haha ❤

Shape: mine
Skin: Cupcakes Daydream Honey Folly – 10L (limited time sale)
Hair: Posh ; Rosie ; Platinum – 10L (Platinum Hunt, includes bow)
Eyes: mine
Shirt: Female City Tank Top – 0L (in sl library)
Skirt: !!KKBB!! Nicole Dress Roses and Wine – 5L
Jacket: [ATOMIC] Ritzy Blazer (Black) – 10L (Platinum Hunt)
Shoes: !!KKBB!! Vinyl Laced Heels (Black) – 10L
Ring: unknown
Earrings: Ticky Tacky Blaire Bats Her Lashes Earrings – 10L

August 12, 2010

077 Green Tea

ribbons! / bangs / polka dotsss ❤

boo! i took crappy snapshots and you can barely see the teal undershirt and antler tattoo! the teal peeking out was my favorite part 😦

Shape: mine
Skin: ::: I CE COCO ::: Kaetel freckles & blush – 0L (lucky board)
Eyes: mine
Hair: (Posh) ; Rosie ; Coffee – 40L (saturday night fever)
Dress: ::C’est la vie!:: dot dress (moss) – 0L
Undershirt: Cupcakes Noel Dress (Teal) – 25L (discount fatpack)
Shoes: In Her Shoes Bow Bow Flats – 0L
Tattoo: equus antlers tattoo – 0L
Twig: BP*sprig5/mix/iwaki/2009-6 – 0L (group gift maybe)

August 12, 2010

InSight House & Garden Hunt

the other night i was doing the house & garden hunt and fell in love with this display! i think the store is insight designs. i love the baby pine cone and the feather frame (which i think changed when you clicked it) and the bunny doll and the clothes hanging. gosh ❤

August 5, 2010

076 Cuddle Bear

quick outfit update before i go to sleep

RL is taking over my SL! :”””(

just bought my first house so we’re still moving in, unpacking, organizing and settling in. it’s a big change! and super exciting

but also what is super exciting was the amount of gifts in my inbox today ❤ omg it’s amazing! i didn’t have enough time to check them tonight so tomorrow i have fun things to look forward to 🙂

maybe i’ll take some pics of them, one was a skybox so that should be yummy


Shape: mine
Skin: ::: I CE COCO ::: Blanche – 0L (lucky board)
Eyes: mine
Hair: Magika Love (Blonde: Wheat) – not free
Shirt: DCNY Dora Top Brown – 0L
Skirt: Kenzie&Co Classy Plaid Blue – 0L (fatpack)
Shoes: Baby Monkey Classic Flat (Brown) – 0L (fatpack)
Glasses: Duboo* Choucream glasses – 0L (group gift)
Bracelets: Ibizarre Bracelets – 0L
Tattoo: equus antlers tattoo – 0L

August 5, 2010

075 Blue Monday

but a sunny one! and actually today (when im uploading this) it isn’t monday. but hey, who cares, tomorrow’s friday and that is aaawesome

lacy bow / owl earrings / shiny makeup ❤

Shape: mine
Eyes: mine
Hair: Posh long way baby, caramel – 0L (the rumor gift)
Ribbon: fore big ribbon gacha 04 – 20L gacha
Skin: l.fauna, lapine, tan1 (faberge-fr) – 0L (group gift)
Earrings: lucy in disguise owl earrings – 0L
Dress: aDiva couture Summer slash – 0L (summer of love fair gift)
Shoes: SM Zimmy Flats (faded denim) – 0L (group gift)